The handsome Sunny stylin’ his fall plaid at Prospect Park!!

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest “big city coonhound” !! Meet gorgeous Sunny and his hooman, Frank Delvito. According to Frank, Sunny joined the family in August of 2015, and at the time he had never even heard of a coonhound. In fact, Frank shares, “At first we thought he was a beagle.” He soon learned other wise when Sunny started to grow into his ears and paws.  Frank immediately fell in love with Sunny’s personality. He is a typical hound – gentle, social and LOVES to snuggle up next to his humans.  No matter where you go he’ll follow right behind you (this may NOT be a typical coonhound trait).

Hiking at Bear Mountain


Checking out Coney Island
Enjoying the apple festival in Warwick, NY

Frank also learned a new meaning of stubborn and found it necessary to do some training with Sunny as he was “difficult” here and there at the beginning. But Sunny LOVES the city life. He enjoys going to the dog park, for long walks around the city to the Brooklyn Bridge, downtown, and to street festivals.  The park is an absolute favorite for chasing squirrels. Frank plans to give Sunny a chance to visit Central Park as well.  The versatile Sunny is also an avid hiker, and loves heading to Bear Mountain which is just 45 minutes north. Frank says Sunny is also quite the attention grabber. Everywhere he goes, people stop him and say what a beautiful dog Sunny is, and most say they have never seen his breed before.  Sunny has been in Frank’s family’s life for four years now, and he says, “We cannot imagine being without him.”  He adds that he is pretty sure a hound will be in his family for a LONG time.

After meeting Sunny, we can certainly understand why!!!!

Sunny checking out the Brooklyn Bridge


Lovin’ the night life!


Setting sail !!    














A huge thanks to Frank Delvito and his family for sharing Sunny with “The Family Coonhound” !!!!


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This is a huge post but contains such important and helpful information!!! And since Riley B decided to dig out under the chain link fence TWICE in the last two weeks  – AHHHH the scents of spring are calling !! I thought it was a grand time to repost this information!!
I saw a post on the #lifewithmyrescued coonhound page that just screamed “SHARE ON THE BLOG ” !!! This is invaluable information from the Montgomery County Lost Pets page in Maryland and shared by Meghan Connolly. EVERYONE needs this information for finding a lost dog, but coonies are notorious for following that nose into “a galaxy far far away”. So here goes !
1) Put something with your scent outside, like unwashed shirts and socks. If possible hang socks on a tree branch or somewhere the wind can carry your scent. Leave water and a can of fishy cat food or tuna or smelly dog food /treats.
2)File a lost report with animal control and microchip company if chipped
3)Post to (you do not have to pay for this, they will post to Facebook and send alerts for free),, helping lost,, Craigslist lost and found and pet sections, other lost and found pet groups/Facebook, neighborhood/community groups, yard sale sites for your area, etc. As time allows check these places for “found” posts as well as Pet for Sale ads or recruit someone to check for you. Consider using Find Toto robocalls at Other sites include, or your local chapter of the ASPCA.
4)Put up fliers in at least a 2-3 mile radius. Make sure the type is large enough to read from the road. Place plastic page protectors with the opening at the bottom sealed with clear tape to protect from rain. Secure with tacks/staples and clear packing tape if using color fliers or florescent tape if black and white. Remember not everyone uses Facebook!! Make sure to give the flier to your mail carrier.
5)Mount a large, clear full body photo on bright poster board and handwrite LOST ! REWARD! and your phone number in large print that is visible from a car. Place at intersections. You can cover with cellophane to protect from rain. Home Depot and Lowes sell blank signs with stands and you can mount bright poster board to these, or use old election signs. Make a two sided sign by taping two large posters back to back at the top and sides, slip over the sign, then secure with tape at the bottom. If possible put a 2 sided sign in your front yard.
6)Consider using a pet tracker, such as Dogs Finding Dogs, Finding Dogs, or Pure Gold. Bag up items with your dog’s scent (blanket, bed, brush, toys) to preserve scent for the tracking dog.
7)Check shelters in person every other day if possible. This is imperative. Do not dismiss dogs posted based on the photo alone ( or collar etc). Shelters DO make mistakes on intake and photos can be VERY deceiving. Shelter staff is many times over stretched and underfunded so mistakes happen. (not finding fault – just stating a fact) Finders sometimes change collars or put a collar on a found dog not already wearing one.
8)If practical walk your neighborhood, speak to your neighbors and hand out fliers.

Snoofing new smells !!

Note position of hounds in relation to human. Commonly referred to as scent deafness or “on a mission”.
The company that has the microchip for my precious Riley B is 24PetWatch. They were super helpful and friendly each time I talked with them while going through the registration process.

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When attempting to snag food from a human, it is critical to position yourself strategically between the designated eating area and the aforementioned food,  and make direct eye contact with said human.
Coonhound revised codebook 3412.06 (b) (8)


MOM ! Is that yummy baby swiss on that cracker??



Uhh is that pizza? We too like pizza!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             #hounddogsnackin’                                                                                                                      
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“If any species of  woodland creature is spotted in a tree, there shall be an attempt to climb said tree and furthermore the aforementioned woodland creature shall be barked at repeatedly.”

Coonhound revised code 3411. 04 (b) (5)


GO UP !!!!!! GO UP !!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 #hounddoghoundin’3

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“All trees that could possibly contain small woodland creatures will be viewed upwardly for a prolonged amount of time.”
Coonhound revised code 3411.04 (b) (4)


                                                                  I know that squirrel is up there !!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     #hounddogcodebook2

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Time to revisit the coonhound codebook  – always good for a laugh !!

Borrowed from a post on the awesome facebook page”#lifewithmyrescued coonhound”.   (Riley B NEVER misses it)  Brent Taggart graciously allowed me to borrow his coonhound code idea and I am revisiting his post here — stay tuned for more HILARIOUS updates from the “coonhound codebook”.

“All shrubs that may reasonably contain Rabbits shall be inspected for Rabbits.” Coonhound Revised Code, §3410.03(a)(3)

You wascally wabbit !!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                    #hounddogcodebook1               
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Holidays – Work – Stress – Weather = Blah Blah Blah  – Quick post to celebrate being back — AND the adoption of my latest foster with Gentle Jake’s Coonhound rescue! The adorable Hook is going to Ontario — Hook the Canook !!!!!   As I have said before — if you are not in a position to adopt – try transport, foster, volunteer at a local shelter or rescue — it does not take much  and what you take away is beyond measure.   A couple of quick photos of the adorable Hook – and something I saw on facebook this morning that I had to share ! 

Sitting pretty for my cookie !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         











Everyone quiet !! This is my favorite TV show !!                                                                                                                                                                                                     #hounddogrescued                 
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Shared from Gentle Jake’s Coonhound Rescue- several incidences of returned fosters and adopted hounds recently, once again through no fault of the dog, but the dog is the one that has to be rehomed and disrupted.  A very discouraging situation. Please, if you are considering adopting or fostering a shelter or rescue dog, take the time to read this very informative piece.


    Do you really understand decompression??

If you have ever walked through the kennels of an animal shelter you surely can attest to the stress of the experience. Perhaps you can remember the first time you entered one. It might have been a memorable experience! They are very very loud. It is non stop barking, howling, whining, and yelping. The sound can be deafening at times and if you are not used to it or it is your first time, it can cause a heavy dose of anxiety to rise in your bones and make you want to turn around and walk out. It’s intense. Now realize that you CAN turn around and walk out. Those dogs can’t. They are there all day, all night, all week, all month. It shouldn’t take too much contemplation to realize this isn’t the ideal setting for any dog. Some dogs can be there for months on end if it is a no-kill shelter.
The longer they are in there the worse the mental trauma can be. While some dogs will completely shut down others seem to amp up, developing numerous anxiety based behaviors that border on neurotic. While the observable behaviors might be different, the source is the same, stress from being in there. Recognizing that this type of experience can have an impact on a dog’s state of mind, it’s baffling how people think that by simply putting a leash on the dog and taking it home means everything is suddenly going to be O.K. As if anything is that simple! So many of these dogs end up back at shelters for a wide variety of reasons, including aggression, because their well intentioned new family did not take the time to research the proper way to bring a dog from this type of environment home. When the dog starts acting in inappropriate ways or even worse, becomes aggressive, everybody is quick to blame the dog’s “troubled past”. It’s not the dog’s past, it is the dog’s present. The first day in a new home is not the day to meet other family members, loud and energetic toddlers, other dogs, the cats, the super nosey neighbor who wants to give your new dog hugs and kisses…. NO……NOT AT ALL……
The name is indicative of  what it means in terms of what the dog has been through and what the dog needs. All the stress from the living conditions the dog is coming from needs to be addressed. The dog has been under a lot of stress and pressure. The dog needs to “decompress” and take some time getting back to a balanced state of mind. This will not be achieved with going from one crazy high activity place to another. The dog should not be introduced to the couch for endless hours of belly rubs on day one because you feel bad the dog had a rough past. That makes YOU feel good. This isn’t about you and what you like, this is about what is best for the dog. Remember? For at LEAST 2-3 WEEKS, your new dog’s life should be incredibly simple and boring. Keep the affection to a bare minimum, keep talking and training to non- existent levels. You want as much silence as possible. Have a daily routine or schedule 100% planned out prior to the dog coming home. This should be the dog’s day mapped out. From bathroom breaks, to crate time, to short walks in quiet boring places, the entire day should be on a schedule. Dog’s find exponentially more comfort in routine than they do belly rubs and cuddles. For that reason, keep the affection to a bare minimum. This is not the time to shower the dog with affection as all that will do is reinforce an unbalanced state of mind and confuse the dog as to YOUR role in their lives. The premise behind decompression is allowing the dog to get back to a neutral and relaxed state of mind, opposite of what it just came from. Your dog needs leadership and calm predictability. These two things are crucial to the dog becoming appropriately integrated into the foster home. Allowing the dog time to decompress without having to deal with a whole new set of intense stimuli will set you all up for a successful future.
KD Matthews


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I am becoming obsessed with coonhounds living in big cities.  Here is the story of Willow, living large in LA !!  Thank you Adam Sklar for adopting a coonhound and for sharing your story with “the family coonhound”.

Is there a problem with my ears?

Adam Sklar <>
Dec, 2018, 12:58 AM

I grew up in a small town in Canada. It was the kind of place that you could walk around barefoot and feel the mud between your toes. It was the type of place you could play till dark. I knew nothing of blue tick hounds until I read Where the Red Fern Grows. Instantly I felt like Billy the main character and was hound crazy. We didn’t have much money and my ma worked 3 jobs. It just wasn’t going to happen. Fast forward 25 years. I’m married with 2 pups. A beagle and a jack russell. Sweat Pea is a hound, her love knows no bounds and she’s our life. She is dying of cancer and so we thought that bringing in a puppy hound would revitalize her.

Seriously cute !!!!

Getting a new pup isn’t something you just do, we did lots of research before we got our little blue tick,Willow. She is smart, sweet, and absolutely beautiful. Hounds make great family pets due to their easy going nature. That being said they are stubborn and their nose leads the way. I’ve decided that as long as I have dogs it will be a hound. Long ears and doughy understanding eyes are always there for love and support. Hounds are great city pups for so many reasons. Long walks and hikes are especially needed as they are very active. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


According to Adam, he is a huge lover and advocate of hounds. He adds, ” There is nothing more special then the love of a hound.”


                                                                    Where is the pet aisle ????

Sooo much to see !!!!!



                                                                Ready to cruise !!!  


Update: At the time of this posting, Sweet Pea has crossed over the bridge. We mourn with you Adam, and know the pain you are feeling. Just remember she is waiting for you at the bridge.  They may be gone from our lives but never from our hearts !!



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